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Konami Caters To MGS Fans, Announces Limited Edition Version Of MGS HD Collection

Knowing the dedication of their fanbase, Konami has announced that they will be releasing a Limited Edition version of the forthcoming Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  The Limited Edition version of MGS’s HD makeover won’t include any additional games beyond those included on the disc (MGS2, MGS3, MGS: Peace Walker) but it will include two things gamers find hard to pass up: exclusive box art and a special art book.

Whereas a mere art book and specially designed case may not be anything to scream about, Konami is doing things properly for the MGS HD Collection.  Included in the Limited Edition, which will retail for $80, will be a massive 248 page art book comprising of art from the three games included in the collection.  The art book won’t be a massive coffee style book filled with massive pages, but it does look to be moderately sized (it’s about the size of a DVD case) and it’s nice that Konami isn’t skimping out since 248 pages of art is a lot to take in.

Those who favor the art of MGS should also be happy to hear that lead MGS artist Yoji Shinkawa is responsible for designing the special box art for the LE version of MGS HD Collection.  Using his trademarked style, Shinji has crafted what looks to be another amazing piece of art showcasing Big Boss along with Solid Snake and Raiden.  The composition of the box art may be simple and in a way it isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, but it’s still nice and it’s definitely a step up compared to the default box art for the HD Collection.

Paying an additional $20 for the Limited Edition is a bit much considering it doesn’t boast any bonus features, but in the end it’ll probably be worth it for the many hardcore MGS fans out there. Konami hasn’t stated if this Limited Edition will truly be a limited run per say, but I would suggest everyone interested in this snatch it up immediately in case we have another repeat of the MGS3: Subsistence Edition on our hands i.e. Konami made a small run which subsequently led to the game netting high prices on eBay.

The MGS HD Collection Limited Edition will be available on November 8th.