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Konami already looking for staffers for "next-gen" version of Metal Gear Solid

I don’t know if Hideo Kojima’s paranoia has set in, if Konami has dragged him back or if he’s just bored, but a recent post on the Konami jobs page all but confirms that Konami/Kojima Productions is working on the next iteration of the Metal Gear Solid franchise.  There was never any doubt that the MGS franchise wouldn’t come back in some form, but the Konami jobs listing is interesting primarily because it’s seeking staff to work on a “next-gen” installment of the Metal Gear series.

There’s a whole wealth of positions listed in the jobs post ranging from level designers, character modelers and audio programmers. Basically Konami is looking for all the key positions one needs when making a multi-million dollar AAA game.  The Konami jobs page didn’t list any pertinent details as to the project aside from that it was looking for people to fill out the “Next Generation Metal Gear Solid Series Production Staff.”

Aside from Metal Gear Rising, of which Hideo Kojima is just overseeing - at least for now, there haven’t been any hints or mentions of a next-gen installment of Metal Gear.  And by next-gen everyone is assuming that this is for the next iteration of the PlayStation and Xbox, both of which are presumably at least two to three years away from being announced.  Kojima has been rather coy lately when it comes to teasing his next project which he has mentioned in the past to be a departure from what he has done before.  But of course plans change and Kojima has already dropped one project in order to work on Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater for the Nintendo 3DS.  So at this stage it’s uncertain of Kojima is indeed at the helm of a new Metal Gear game for the next generation of consoles or if he’s once again entrusting his team to do something new and unique.

We’re probably a long time away from seeing anything substantial out of the next-gen Metal Gear project, but maybe Hideo will tease us in some way at E3 or TGS this year. Either that or he’ll take to Twitter and give us 10 Tweets that we’ll all dissect but still end up being befuddled as always.


[via Andriasang]