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Kojima Is Up To His Old Tricks, New Teaser Posted That Could Lead To Metal Gear Rising Reveal

Hideo Kojima at times can be a man of few words who merely lets his game or in some cases elaborate teases do all the talking.  Things have been rather quiet on the Kojima front for some time and there even doesn’t seem to be an outstanding amount of hype for the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection – which if you didn’t recall comes out next week in North America.  Kojima hasn’t outright said if his next project would be a MGS related title but the next major reveal from Kojima Productions could be Metal Gear related – or at least that’s what people are inferring based on a new countdown that has arisen.

We know two finite things about Hideo Kojima: he likes to tease us incessantly and that almost everything he does is nothing but quality in the end.  Whatever project Kojima is developing with the newly created FOX engine may still be under wraps for some time, but we could see a surprise project steal its thunder or heaven forbid we finally see Metal Gear Rising return from whatever ninja slumber it’s been in.  

Maybe we’re just setting ourselves up for disappointment, but the Kojima Productions website has a new teaser stating “Spring Comes to Kojima Productions.”  Such a thing may not be as mysterious as the whole grassland + thunderstorm combo that was the Metal Gear Rising teaser back in the day, but it still presents a whole series of questions that will likely go unanswered until November 7 – the date listed on the Kojima Productions website.  Since the HD remix Metal Gear games are dropping in Japan this month as well this Spring teaser obviously isn’t connected to those or the Western release of the titles.  Unless Kojima Productions is going to drop a new IP on us, the likely option may be the long awaited reveal of Metal Gear Rising.

Out of action at both E3 and the Tokyo Game Show this year, we last heard that a possible re-reveal of Metal Gear Rising would be around December – that’s unless Konami and Kojima Productions reshuffled things once more.  This Kojima Productions tease does somewhat fall in line with a recent teaser image posted by PlayStation: Official Magazine UK that had the cryptic but iconic exclamation mark image the Metal Gear series is known for. Since we haven’t seen Metal Gear Rising for so long it may seem odd for the game to surface again in a somewhat off period in the gaming biz, but maybe Kojima Productions have corrected whatever issues the game had or at least actually built a game rather than the world’s best watermelon slicing simulator.

At this point no one knows what Kojima Productions will give us next week but if it’s an elaborate trailer detailing something I think we’ll be pleased – whether it’s related to Metal Gear Rising or if it’s something entirely different.  The issue of PlayStation Magazine UK was slated to hit newsstands on November 29 so we could be on the verge of a full-on media reveal but maybe Kojima is just trolling us and this is all for MGS HD Collection for the PlayStation Vita.