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Killzone 3 releases Killstreak trailer

Sony released another trailer for Killzone 3 today. The trailer showed off the killstreak perks that will be featured in the multiplayer aspect of the upcoming first person shooter. 

We had hands on time with Killzone 3's multiplayer over at this year's CES and needless to say we were very impressed with what they did with it. The game may seem like a Call of Duty rip-off at first glance, but when you get your hands on the controller of the game it seems very, well, Killzone-ish. The game creates its very own identity in the multiplayer shooter genre, and we  look forward to playing the final product for the Playstation 3 next month, February 22nd, 2011.

Props goes to ShaolinPWNstyle, a active Shogun user, for giving me the scoop on whats going on in the game!