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The Kill Dot - Beacause Video Games are Hard

Today I decided I would finally purchase Killzone 2. Before I go all the way to the mall, I thought I would check eBay first just to see if there's a big price difference. So I jump over to eBay and type "Killzone 2" into the general search bar as usual. I immediately sorted my results by "Price + Shipping: Lowest First" and start scanning the first page.

After scrolling through a page or two of crappy auctions with titles like "PS3 KILLZONE 2 (CASE ONLY)," I stumbled upon this interesting auction title:


According to the makers of this product:


The Kill Dot is a unique adhesive film with a crosshair design. The Kill Dot provides a reference point when aiming at targets in shooter video games. It is a discrete cheat and game enhancer. The Kill Dot also provides:

  • Reference point while Run N’ Gunning
  • Freestyle game play
  • Aim without having to zoom
  • No scope shooting
  • Accurate shots while blind firing
  • Able to align shots while taking cover; not having to give up hiding spot
  • Aiming point for grenade tosses
  • Ability to hit specific areas and body parts

The Kill Dot is nonabrasive and will not leave any residue or discoloration on your viewing monitor. Each Kill Dot package contains eight 3/4 inch reusable easy to use aim enhancers. Also included are easy instructions on how to properly calibrate and apply The Kill Dot to your video screen.


So to summarize all of that. It's a sticker.

You put it in the middle of your TV screen and it costs $7.99 USD + S&H ( for a pack of 8). It's not a new concept by any means.  People have been doing the same thing with tape or dot stickers in PC FPS games for as long as I've gamed. But now you don't even have to get creative with tape.

"It is a discrete cheat and game enhancer"

It sounds like they are selling Viagra. Then again, I guess that's kinda what this is. FPS Viagra. It helps get you out of a slump but if your friends ever found out you need it to perform adequate, they would stop making eye contact with you.

Heres a video from their YouTube account.