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Keiji Inafune's First Major Post Capcom Project Could Be Out Sooner Than Expected

When Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune left Capcom last October the video game industry was waiting with baited breathe to see what the famed creator would do next. After spilling the beans on what made him leave Capcom (there’s still a lot of resentment and simmering rage), Keiji revealed that he was not opening just one studio, but two new studios – both of which with different specialties in the entertainment and video game fields.

Keiji officially revealed his two new companies (Intercept and the suspiciously named Comcept) in April, but now word has come that the first games from Keiji’s new studio could be released relatively soon.  In an interview with Bloomberg, Keiji revealed that not only does he have a social game set to be released in Japan this Summer, but he’s also working on an RPG for the PlayStation 3.  The real kicker about the PS3 RPG news is that the game could be out this August – at least in Japan.

The Bloomberg article, which is worth a read by the way, didn’t include any other details on Keiji’s upcoming projects or what sort of direction he plans on taking his companies in.  It’s slightly interesting that Keiji could have a PS3 RPG ready to launch so soon. But the relatively quick release date may be attributed to the game possibily being a low budget PSN game instead of a RPG akin to Final Fantasy.

Keiji never worked on any RPG games during his tenure at Capcom so it appears that he’s stretching his creative wings a bit since he’s not restricted by any corporate higher-ups or shareholder desires.  Given the talent Keiji has, I’m definitely interested to see how this PS3 RPG turns out, even if it’s a small PSN title with a rather simplistic art style and isn't a triple-A graphical beast like some of Keiji’s previous projects.

We probably won’t learn of what Keiji’s plans are at E3, but a potential reveal via Famitsu in the next two months could be a possibility. Either that or Keiji is simply going to do an August stealth release and hope for the best.