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Katamari Damacy Returns To the PlayStation 3

This week Namco Bandai announced “Katamari Damacy Tribute” which will
see the King of the Cosmos and his son make their debut on the PlayStation 3.Katamari Tribute is no mere port of the old PS2 or Xbox 360 games.  Instead it’s a brand new installment in the Katamari series which has a bevy of new features which include being able to play the game in different visual styles ranging from ldquo;comic touch” to “wood touch” which we can enjoy in a sharp and crisp 1080P resolution.  Along with the visual improvements Katrmari Touch features a mastered soundtrack of the classic Katamari beats we’ve come to love.  Katamari Touch will support the PlayStation network and based on the Famitsu article it’ll feature a 2 player mode of some sort.At this time it’s unknown when Katamari Touch will be released in North America and if it’ll be a PSN title or a Blu-ray release.