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Its take two for Matt Hazard

Earlier this year an interesting new game came out called Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard which got the interest of gamers due to being a parody of video games.  The game revolved around washed up video game hero Matt Hazard who started out in the 8-bit days and evolved over time to become 3D but eventually he lost his luster like some popular franchises and characters do.  Despite this unique concept the game was a major disappointment due to relying entirely on the comedy and things like “hey we have Russian soldiers in a Western level” gimmicks which got old pretty fast. And for a game that was a parody of popular and generic action games the gameplay in Matt Hazard was a snooze fest that had iffy cover and aiming mechanics. But who knows, maybe developer Vicious Cycle was going for that and created the most Meta game ever to exist.

For some reason despite the game being somewhat of a flop Matt Hazard is trying to win our hearts once again with the upcoming release of Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.  This new Matt Hazard adventure ditches the standard 3rd person action gameplay and instead goes for an old-school side-scrolling approach in 3D similar to the recent hit Shadow Complex.

As was the case in the first game Matt finds himself going through his previous games in an attempt to stay alive and destroy the obstacles that his nemesis General Neutronov throws in his way.  There’s not much to be gained from looking at the images released for the game but the Mirror’s Edge spoof level does inspire a small smidgen of hope that developer Vicious Cycle will try to push the parody of game a bit more and make them a bit more relatable instead of having generic levels and jokes that are funny for 20 minutes but then get old as hell.

Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond is set for a winter release.

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