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IllFonic developers handcuffed due to police error

Last night something extremely interesting happened to indie developer IllFonic that almost seemed like it was ripped out of a videogame. It’s not that often a game developer can say that they had two police officers point loaded guns at them, but now three members of IllFonic can due to a mix-up at the hands of the Denver Police Department.

You see, IllFonic’s main development studio is located in Denver, a state that is one of the many burgeoning states that allow marijuana to be given for medical purposes. IllFonic’s studio just happens to be located next to a medical marijuana dispensary that as of late has been the victim of a series of break-ins and robbery attempts by those looking to get their Bob Marley on.

Last night the marijuana dispensary was broken into once again (I guess the thieves had nothing else to do on a Friday night) and the Denver police were of course alerted. But here’s where things get interesting: due to a police error the Denver PD went to IllFonic’s studio instead of the marijuana dispensary. Now you would think such a thing wouldn’t be a big deal and would be cleared up rather quickly. That sadly wasn’t the case as two members of the Denver PD went to IllFonic’s studios, with their guns drawn, and proceeded to handcuff the three developers who were busy toiling away on IllFonic’s latest ventures such as Ghetto Golf and Nexuiz.

So for five minutes (a time that must’ve seemed like an eternity) the IllFonic devs sat handcuffed on the ground after having two Police Officers point guns at them.  Thankfully, things were cleared up as a second police car came to notify the initial officers that they were indeed at the wrong address.

You can see all of this happen at the YouTube video below which is from IllFonic’s security camera.  Now I can understand the police having their guns drawn since it's their job. Most police officers do an outstanding job too, but shouldn’t the police known that perhaps their wires were crossed after one of the officers went inside the studio, a place that no doubt was filled with countless computer monitors and not copious amounts of marijuana plants?

IllFonic is a good sport though and isn’t too upset with the police based on their response to last night’s incident saying [quote=Illfonic]The alarm to the marijuana dispensary next door was going off, the cops came to... investigate. They got the addresses wrong. This is the result. WE ARE NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT THE POLICE. If anything, we applaud them for their rapid response to an alarm going off, even if they had the wrong address.[/quote]

So while this isn’t a case of police brutality, it probably would’ve been nice for the IllFonic developers not to have guns pointed at them and be handcuffed on a Friday night.