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Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 4 announced at E3

It was only 10 years ago when Halo broke out on the Xbox 360, four games later we’re back to where it all started.

Microsoft didn’t hold back at E3 when it came to its most coveted franchise. With rumours circling around Halo: Combat Evolved being re-mastered for later this year, Microsoft’s press conference closed with a tease of the next chapter, Halo 4.

Thankfully, it wasn’t on Kinect. There were enough awkward moments of children flying through the air and being hit by golf clubs. Yes, you are reading this correctly.

Let’s start with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. It was nice seeing Master Chief again, this time with the Halo: Reach engine. Combat Evolved will be a direct replica of its former self only with updated graphics and added features. Online co-op and Firefight will make their debut with the original maps from the first instalment.

Watching the gameplay, things still looked a little blocky. Chief has an odd look to him as most of the maps did as well. It could very well be possible that the digital upgrade is still in the works, but this really comes off as a money grab... even more so after Halo 4 was announced.

My first thought when watching this teaser is why couldn’t Halo: Combat Evolved look this good. Graphically Halo 4 whooped Combat’s ass.  Watching Master Chief slowly awake to chaos was a great way to tease the upcoming 2012 game.

While we all wait for Halo 4 to garner more details in the near future, Combat Evolved will suffice for players until then.  More details on Combat Evolved will be released at PAX Prime, with it hitting store shelves November 15.

Stay tuned for more.