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Halo 5 Logo Spotted At A Microsoft Showcase

At a Microsoft presentation given to a Channel 4 Reporter at Microsoft Redmond's Offices concerning the future application of the Microsoft Kinect, a Halo 5 logo was spotted. Seen right next to logos for "Grandma's Room" and Project Gotham Racing, here's the main question about the Halo 5 logo: what happened to Halo 4?

Well that was my main question, at least, about this leak that Destructoid spotted on Channel 4's Microsoft technology report. Still this is the first we have ever heard (or seen in this case) about anything regarding the Halo franchise since the Activision-Bungie announcement. Halo: Reach sold over $200 million in the first day and bumped up Halo merchandise sales to over $1 billion. So it was bound to happen that Microsoft or 343 Industries, the new studio in charge of Halo, would end up working on bringing the Master Chief back somehow, or not at all. Recent rumors also are saying that there will soon be a Halo: Combat Evolved HD Remake. Now come on, I'm a fan of the games but a remake isn't really needed.

See it on the right there.

But the news of a Halo: CE HD remake can possibly confirm that another Halo Game is in the works. Most studios these days will release HD remakes of prequels to games soon to come out. Sony did it with God of War 1 and 2 before GOW3 was released, and Team Ico is doing this as well before the release of The Last Guardian.  But still, we're grabbing at straws here people.

Nothing has been officially announced by Microsoft or 343 Industries, but this little screen shot is enough to get even the most ecstatic Halo fans, like myself, excited.