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Guitar Hero Rocks Out in Home

While the gaming community is still unsure what to think about PlayStation Home, Sony and 3rd party developers are continuing to add new spaces and features in the hopes of giving users a reason to visit Home aside from doing the robot whilst listening to 50 Cent. The latest Home space is the “Backstage with Guitar Hero” space and will be available tomorrow, March 26.  If you’re a fan of the hit Guitar Hero franchise then you can hit up the Home space and put your rock skills to the test.  The “Backstage with Guitar Hero” space allows users to use their PlayStation 3 controllers to compete in a rock style mini-game which tests players to follow the lead guitarist in an increasing color and sound pattern. If you miss a note then you’re clearly not a rock god and you’re out of the competition. The mini-game will come with a leaderboard which will capture users scores in real-time so all the rock legends can get the recognition they deserve.

From an aesthetic standpoint the Home space looks quite nice. It captures the vibe from the Guitar Hero games as the space has that slightly dingy rock club vibe complete with fog, lights and massive skull posters. The mini-game on the other hand may leave a bit to be desired from Guitar Hero veterans who are used to playing “Dragonforce” on Expert with their eyes closed.

It’s nice to see 3rd party developers support Home with spaces that retain a nice visual style and give the user something to do. Hopefully Home will find its stride in 2009 and we’re see some cool things pop up.