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Greatness In Trailer Form: The Grand Theft Auto V Premier Trailer

The magic moment has occurred and Rockstar Games have released the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. Upholding the trends they’ve done in the past, the premier trailer for Rockstar’s key franchise shows us what we can expect from the game – which as the trailer indicates will involve roaming around what appears to be all of California.

Skipping the land of Vice City in favor of San Andreas may be disappointing for gamers to hear, but upon watching the GTAV premier trailer I think it’ll be hard not to be impressed by it.  Rockstar appears to be pushing their RAGE engine to the max as the visuals of GTAV look to be on par if not exceed the precedent set by Red Dead Redemption. Lush areas like a farm and mountains (I wonder if we’ll see Big Foot this time out) will thankfully even things up a bit compared to the smut ridden yet character filled streets of Vinewood. 

Rockstar’s GTAV premier trailer was of course mostly a series of shock & awe images showcasing the beauty and size of San Andreas, but we did get a few minor snippets about the plot.  Criminals will of course be abound in GTAV and it appears the main character will be a new resident of San Andreas who moved there to get away from it all – only of course to find himself knee deep in a host of less than legal activities.  A few key figures were shown in the trailer along with the general citizens of San Andreas, but as of now it wasn’t confirmed if the main character was indeed shown.  While we may not have a figure head for GTAV just yet it was nice to at least hear the voice of the character, who I’ll admit sounds a bit familiar but I can’t put my finger on it just yet.

To some the GTAV premier trailer may have been a complete bust but I liked it a lot. The visuals look like a massive step-up compared to GTAIV and it should be nice to explore a varied and vast locale instead of traveling from one urban landscape to the next.  Rockstar may not have given us any clear clues as to the general tone of GTAV, but if the quick snippet of a fighter jet is any indication may we’ll be lucky and fly such a thing, finally allowing us to go old-school in the GTA mayhem department.

A release date and console platforms haven’t been revealed yet so we’ll have to wait a bit for Rockstar to fill us in on that.