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Grasshopper Manufacture Reveals Indie Driven Initiative For PlayStation Vita

For some reason Grasshopper Manufacture has gone into development overdrive this generation by developing or co-developing a handful of projects ranging from PSN/XBLA games to full on high budget games being backed by publishers like WB Games.  Grasshopper Manufacture is going back to their indie roots a bit to publish/co-develop even more games, some of which could be bound for the PlayStation Vita.

Grasshopper Manufacture has announced the Game Campus Festa – a student focused initiative that will see Grasshopper aid aspiring game developers with developing games for the PlayStation Vita.  Basically the Game Campus Festa program will see Grasshopper helping out game school students who are learning the tools of the trade with PS Vita development kits, which I must say is a cool opportunity for those lucky enough to be involved.  

Students who show the most promise through their games could find their projects published by Grasshopper via the PSN.  Grasshopper has already dabbled with smaller app centric games through their charity driven Frogs Minutes game for the iOS so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see something similar for the PS Vita as opposed to seeing a full-on action game like Black Knight Sword.

All around this is pretty much good news for those who love indie games, are excited for the PlayStation Vita, and like me are members of the Grasshopper Manufacture cult (i.e. we’re huge fans of the company).  It’s not guaranteed that anything immediately cool or noteworthy will come out of the Game Campus Festa, but it at least shows that we could indeed see some more indie driven efforts appear for the Vita given the low cost of dev kits and rumored easy development approach that can be taken with the hardware.

Grasshopper Manufacture still hasn't revealed any internal projects for the PlayStation Vita just yet, but founder Suda 51 has expressed interest in developing an original title for the platform.

[via Andriasang]