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Gran Turismo 5 gets delayed in Japan. WHAT A SHOCK!!!!!

While not being as quite a big a joke as the continued delay of Duke Nukem Forever the saga that is Gran Turismo 5 is always entertaining.  After being teased with Gran Turismo HD which was truncated into merely a demo, then having to pay for what many thought of as a demo in the form of GT5: Prologue, and then most recently playing an official demo it looked like Gran Turismo 5 was finally upon us.

At TGS Sony announced the GT5 would be released in Japan in March and that surely meant a North American and European release wouldn’t be far behind would it?  Today Sony has announced that Gran Turismo 5 is once again being delayed and will miss its original release of March 2010 for Japan. This news of course doesn’t bode too well for the Western release which was targeted for sometime this summer.

I love Polyphony Digital and can understand that they’re perfectionists but can we please have the game? There’s a crapload of content in the game with over 1,000 cars and new features like YouTube uploading but I think at this point people just want to play the game, especially if the online is solid compared to GT5: Prologue’s somewhat rocky start.

The delay of GT5 also makes me wonder if Sony is just holding off so they can push the 3D support the game has. Gran Turismo 5 was playable in 3D at CES last week (too bad I wasn’t invited) so maybe Sony is just holding off so they can use that as a prime showpiece of 3D once they gets the 3D gaming ball rolling later this year.

I just hope for the sake of Sony and Polyphony Digital that whenever Gran Turismo 5 is released that the game is spotless and has flawless online or else there’s going to be a reckoning from gamers.