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Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars For The 3DS Actually Looks Like Fun [Trailer]

The Ghost Recon franchise has never done anything for me as a gamer and I’ve never found myself that fond of RTS/strategy games. So I don’t know what exactly it is about Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars that I find so appealing.  I did find my interest about the game piqued when it was revealed that Julian Gollop (the creator of X-Com) was handling the game and this new gameplay trailer does have me thinking I may have another game to pick up once the 3DS launches in North America this month.

From what’s shown of Shadow Wars in this debut trailer, the game isn’t necessarily pushing the 3DS hardware to its limits, but the art style looks good and the game appears to run smoothly, which is a must have in a strategy game.  Shadow Wars may even be a bit futuristic even by Ghost Recon standards (notwithstanding the long since forgotten Ghost Recon: Future Soldier) but I think the game should be able to carve out a market for itself amongst the 3DS launch roster.

I just hope that unlike some of Ubisoft’s other offerings as of late that Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars doesn’t turn out to be overly shallow on the gameplay side of things.