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Get Your Own Dead Space Plasma Cutter Replica

Often in the video games we play we come across things that we would love to own if given the chance.  Some gamers may want their very own replica of Master Chief’s armor while others may want a 1:1 replica of Dante’s sword from Devil May Cry.  Occasionally such items are actually made, though in varying quality and with prices which are often bloated.  Now two replica products are being made for the hottest game at the moment: Dead Space 2.

Set to ship in March, collectible company Epic Weapons will be releasing not just one but two Plasma Cutter replicas from Dead Space.  Based on Isaac’s weapons from the first two Dead Space games, the Plasma Cutter replicas are in 1:1 scale, which for those out there means that they’re the same size as they appear in the game and aren’t a measly scaled miniature.  Opting to go for the 1:1 scale is certainly cool, but it means that the price will be higher as the Dead Space 1 Plasma Cutter retails for $220 while Isaac’s weapon of choice from Dead Space 2 will cost gamers $240.

The price for both Plasma Cutters may be a bit on the high side, but they both come with a sleek carrying case and include lights and sound which is activated by pulling the trigger. Being a chap that loves high-end collectibles and prop replicas, I honestly don’t know what to think about these Dead Space replicas.  It’s no doubt cool that a company is actually creating such a thing, but there are a few details that I need to know about before I plunk down $240. Are we going to have a Plasma Cutter that’s made out of plastic or one made from a high-end durable material? It’s stuff like that which will be the deciding factor in whether or not the Plasma Cutter will be a day 1 purchase. Well on second thought I’m sure all the Dead Space cosplayers out there will buy both Plasma Cutters immediately to further complete their costumes.

If you want to take the plunge on the Dead Space Replica Plasma Cutters then head over to Entertainment Earth as both are available for pre-order.