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GameStop Is Prepping A Tablet (No, This Isn't A Joke)

In news that couldn’t be expected in any possible fashion, GameStop has revealed their intention to release a tablet in the next year. Yes, GameStop as in the same international retailer of new and used video games and that is home to sometimes inept employees will be launching a custom made GameStop branded tablet. What the hell is going on today?

Since tablets are the rage these days for both gaming and using as a general replacement for a laptop, GameStop will be entering the tablet market with a focus on gaming.  Still in a testing phase, the GameStop tablet will be based on the Android OS and will include an actual controller so gamers can play proper games on the tablet.  GameStop is aiming for their tablet device to stream games through their still in development streaming service which is a why a controller was thrown in the mix as well.

Further specifications on the tablet haven’t been revealed so there’s no idea of what sort of price range GameStop will be pricing their tablet or how big the screen will be.  GameStop doesn’t appear to be going full bore into this tablet concept as they’re merely trying to evolve in a way and combat the declining sales in the used games department and the ever increasing trend of gamers streaming the games they play.  I really don’t know whether or not a GameStop branded tablet will really take off, but if it has a $100 or $150 price point, a decent controller and a solid streaming service then it could very well become a hit amongst the casual crowd.

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