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Gameloft gives an update on EarthWorm Jim HD

Earthworm Jim fans were a bit bummed out when the PSP sequel developed by Shiny Entertainment was cancelled awhile back ago but now you can wipe those tears away with the latest news on Gameloft’s planned EarthWorm Jim revival for digital distribution platforms.

I was totally unaware of Gameloft’s announcement last month to bring EarthWorm Jim back but this latest news has me interested in the project and I’m sure it’ll have EW Jim fans chomping at the bit. Gameloft plans to base the game off the classic Sega Genesis version but won’t actually use the original game’s code like other HD remake games sometimes do. Instead the game will be entirely reworked with improved visuals and animations. The game could also challenge veteran players as several difficulty levels not found in the original will be included in the game. So if you memorized the layout of EarthWorm Jim to the point where you can finish it in 15 minutes then this should give you a bit of a challenge.

Other details Gameloft divulged included that EarthWorm Jim creators Dave Perry and Doug Nepal would not be working on the project.  This news may upset a few fans as both men were responsible for making the EW Jim series the classic it is. But fret not as the game will still have a small smidgen of original goodness as the music from Tommy Tallarico will be included. There’s no word if it’s planned to have Tallarico contribute new tracks or remaster any of the existing ones.

No images or videos have been released for EarthWorm Jim HD but I don’t think we need to worry about the quality of the game. Gameloft seems to be handling things well and if the recent iPhone version of the game is anything to go by then the game should be pretty solid.  Seeing the world of EarthWorm Jim come back to consoles should be a blast and I have a feeling that the new difficulty levels, online leaderboards and additional unannounced “secrets” will make it a hit amongst fans of the franchise.

EarthWorm Jim is slated to hit PSN, WiiWare and XBLA later this year with a one month period of exclusivity on XBLA.

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