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Galaxion: Driven by the Rhythm (Outrun 25th anniversary) [Event Wrap-Up]

In case you missed it, this weekend was the 25th anniversary of OutRun and the 26th anniversary of Shogun Gamer's own man-behind-the scenes Corey Rollins. In order to celebrate both, we took part in the Galaxion: Driven by Rhythm event housed at Vancouver's very own Club 23 West. The place was packed, everyone seemed to be having a phenomenal time, and the event even got to be so big that it continued on to the next day (in the form a super-secret special bonus level event). While we weren't there both nights, we did manage to sneak in the first night, throw up a giant banner, and party like it was 1986!

To start out, I need to give BIG ups to the guys over at Club 23 West, GameDeals, and our event coordinator Seth Townsend. The party obviously took a lot of blood, sweat and tears (for fears) to make happen, and there were no real issues (other than starting a little later) through-out the evening.

The Shogun Gamer crew rolled up a little bit early to sneak in around back and help with some set up (I won't lie, it was mainly just flying our own flag) and get situated for the party. Everything was running just slightly behind schedule, but in no-time at all (about 20 minutes after the scheduled opening time) the place was being steadily filled with all manner of nerd in every imaginable variety of costumed nonsensicalness.

Strewn about the club were a series of arcade cabinets, CRT TVs, video game consoles, and varied racing titles.

Early in the night we each started picking our "home base" where we'd run the circuit through the night. My hopes, originally, were that I would be spending the night with Cruisin' USA, but fate had other plans as I kept getting challenged to races on Final Lap. For those unfamiliar with either (first, shame on you) Cruisin' was running on a N64 whose monitor hung from the ceiling, and Final Lap was an old school arcade cabinet. There was plenty more though.

Up on the big screens (which also had full racing chairs and proper steering wheels, the whole she-bang) was Gran Turismo 5. Around back was some old school SNES love in the form of both F-Zero and Mario Kart. And rep'ing Sega was a copy of the classic arcade game Crazy Taxi for the Sega Dreamcast.

Whatever your arcade/racer love happened to take the form of, there was something for everyone and better than that, booze!

Of course, with it being Mr. Rollin's birthday as well there was a bit of a to-do for him off in our dark little corner of the club as well. We pulled out the classic sing-along for his birthday, and offered up cake (which quickly became a bad idea, turns out a bunch of warm bodies in a tightly-packed club will melt a cake in record time).

Big thanks to everyone involved in Galaxion. Shogun Gamer and its crew had a blast partying away the night to 80s music and chip-tunes while playing our old-school video game racer classics and drinking ourselves into a Sunday-coma. It's definitely one of those things we're hoping to see more of going forwards, and based on the reception of the people at the club, we are FAR from being the only ones. 

Check out the gallery below for some sexy images of the event!

Photography by Cynthia Griffiths