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Galaxion: Driven by the Rhythm [Event]

If you're a fan of Shogun Gamer then you, in turn, know that Shogun Gamer is a fan of events, especially of the local variety. Whenever possible we strike out to find new and interesting geek/nerd oriented events to provide a little love to in the form of publicity, while helping ourselves to an evening on the town with a bunch of our like-minded brethren. Oh, and we do the sexy photo-shoot thing. As such, it's my pleasure to inform you all that there's one such event coming up next weekend!

We're going to be heading down to Club 23 on Saturday (September 17th) to attend the Galaxion: Driven by the Rhythm (Outrun 25th anniversary) party. An entire dance club, loaded with retro gaming, celebrating one of the best classic arcade-racers of all time with a bunch of nerdy/awesome music thumbing in the background to help you get your groove on? Hell to the yes.

If you're in the Vancouver area and have nothing better to do (even if you do, strongly consider changing your plans) you're invited to come on down and shake it with the Shogun Gamer crew, and if you're not a beast on the dance-floor then you can try your luck at toping the scores on the retro arcade machines scattered throughout the club!

Curious? Interested? SOLD? You want details, and I've got them. The full flyer/informational is provided below, and if you haven't already you should run over to the Facebook Page and confirm yourself among the attending!

Galaxion is returning to Club 23 on September 17th to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of Outrun! We'll be turning the club into an retro arcade complete with vintage arcade machines and classic console gaming on all screens. We'll be playing the best of 80s, New Wave, Retro Electro, Old school, and Punk. So put on your favourite Keds and ready your thumbs.

Stay tuned for more spoilers including details of our driving game competition...


love and go-bots,




9pm - 3am, September 17, 2011


Club 23, 23 West Cordova, Vancouver, BC


Free before 10pm, $8 after 10pm

2 for 1 if you're rockin' retro 80's threads,

Free for Breakdance crews, seriously


Manos (Blender, Dr!Dr!, V.2.0, Sin City, Exp: Gaming on the Rocks), Vortex (Sanctuary)

The Music:

80s Pop, New Wave, Punk, Retro Electro, Old School, the occasional 8-bit and 80s inspired faves


[P.S. It's our owner/managing editor, Corey Rollin's birthday, so make sure to give him your b-day wishes when you drop in!]