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The Future Of Mortal Kombat DLC: Who Should Be Included Next?

We’ve been graced with something that rarely happens: a sequel that is totally amazing in almost every possible way.  I’m of course referring to the new installment of Mortal Kombat which offers some of the best fighting and most enjoyable fighting I’ve ever experienced in a game. One of the big reasons that the new Mortal Kombat game is such a hit in my eyes is because the game is packed with content like treasure trove that is the Krpyt, a fan pleasing Story Mode and bonus goodies like the addicting but sometimes brutal Challenge Tower. I also can’t forget to mention how MK also succeeds in the always important aspect of giving us a roster of characters that we not only care about and adore, but are also fun to play like the incredible skills of Noob Saibot or Smoke.

Moving forward with the new Mortal Kombat game we’ve been promised that the game will be supported heavily by DLC, which despite being a touchy subject of sorts in the world of gaming is something that I think hardcore MK fans are looking forward to.  The roster of the new Mortal Kombat game may be good in which characters it includes but given on how the game is almost a retelling of the first three MK games that of course meant some fan favorite characters were missing in action. So in the wake of the DLC we know that’s coming up (Skarlett and Kenshi) and the rumor of guest appearances by horror icons Freddy and Jason, I’ve decided to take a look at the extensive character roster of the Mortal Kombat franchise and the catalog of WB films to offer up my list of the characters that deserve to be offered to us via the wonder of DLC.




In the world of Mortal Kombat the saga involving the ninja clan that is the Lin Kuei can be looked at as a soap opera of sorts. Originally things started off simple with ninjas adorned in blue, yellow and green garb but that soon grew to cyborg ninjas and intricate plot lines that involved long dead brothers returning in new forms and so many character cross-overs that things quickly became a bit difficult to follow.

Amidst the ever growing list of MK characters that are ninjas, one addition from the PS2/Xbox era of the franchise stood out: Frost.  Yet another member of the Lin Kuei, Frost was essentially a female version of Sub-Zero and NetherRealm Studios made no bones about that.  In the past we never received a new character that was almost a carbon copy of an existing one, but for some reason Frost managed to stick out and quickly became a fan favorite, even if her costume didn’t fulfill the NetherRealm style of providing as little clothing as possible in the chest area.

With a design that was reminiscent of the Lin Kuei garb we’re used to seeing yet still interesting in itself, I really the design of Frost’s hair, gamers found a new ninja character to enjoy along with another female character to play as given the somewhat slim offerings the MK series has regarding the female combatants.  NetherRealm Studios may be keen to hold off on Frost until the next proper installment of the series, but I can’t help but think she would be an incredible DLC character and the prospect of doing a tag team combo of her and Sub-Zero is definitely something I think fans would be excited for.





Amongst the pantheon of MK combatants I can’t help but think of a character as underutilized and possibly forgotten as much as Reiko.  First introduced in the somewhat disappointing Mortal Kombat 4, Reiko was once again a ninja, except this time he was a general for Shao Kahn and wore a mask that made him look like he was trying to be Robin.  Reiko wasn’t portrayed as a highly interesting character in MK4, but his aspirations for power could’ve been played up in a way similar to Starscream vying for power from Megatron, which I’m sure would’ve resulted in some MK gold from a narrative perspective.

So why does Reiko deserve to be DLC in the new MK game? Shouldn’t an appearance in MK: Armageddon be enough for the seemingly three fans of Reiko to be pleased with?  In all honesty, based on how the team at NetherRealm has managed to breathe new life into characters like Smoke by radical design changes and extensive moves sets that can be summed up as “holy sh!t” I think the same approach could and should be taken with Reiko.  He may not have ever been a character that caught on with the MK audience, but I think Reiko has the chance to be something special if NetherRealm Studios puts the time into fleshing him out and possibly hitting the story opportunities that to be had with him.




Bo Rai Cho

When the Mortal Kombat franchise came back to gamers in the PS2/Xbox era it was a welcomed addition amidst the slim releases made in the fighting genre, much like situation we have with the new MK game today.  A lot of fan favorites made their return in MK: Deadly Alliance and a host of new characters were also introduced, one of the best being Bo Rai Cho.  Perhaps known best for being the only MK character to have an attack based around farting, Bo Rai Cho was somewhat of an amalgamation of what the MK series is known for: he was silly, had some awesome and grotesque moves and he was something that gamers had previously never seen before in a fighting game.

Bo Rai Cho may represent an element that some MK fans would prefer not see the series go towards again, but if NetherRealm Studios doesn’t go too over the top with the fart and puke jokes/moves, Bo Rai Cho has the potential to be another amazing addition to the already extensive and diverse roster of the new MK game.




It’s finally time to go old-school a bit my character selection as MK veteran Rain is someone that I think fans are still crying to be included in the new MK game.  Yes, we already have at least ten characters that fall under the ninja category in the new MK game, but ever since his debut in Ultimate MK3 and the fact that MK co-creator Ed Boon named him after the Prince song “Purple Rain” the guy has been a complete fan favorite.

Maybe the NetherRealm Studios team didn’t want to go overboard with the ninja additions in the new MK game, but Rain is a character that has MK fans all over screaming to be included in the game at some point.  It may be goofy to have yet another ninja on the roster, but Rain’s re-design in MK: Armageddon proved that NetherRealm Studios can make even a simple purple clad ninja become a badass cape wearing warrior who wields daggers, all while making prominent fashion statement.  Once Rain is finally added on the roster I think MK fans will finally have all the ninjas that they desire.




Now the case of Motaro is a highly interesting one for a few major reasons. First of all, Motaro was a boss character back in the classic MK games and was a playable character in MK: Armageddon. The thing is, in order to make Motaro playable and actually create a proper working 3D model, NetherRealm Studios had to give the centaur a major redesign that essentially made him look like a pissed off version of Mr. Tumnus from Narnia combined with Hellboy.  MK fans all over were really disappointed with what was done to Motaro as such a thing essentially ruined the character and looked silly as hell.  So what should NetherRealm Studios do in order to offer Motaro as DLC?

In order to keep things manageable and perhaps allow the potential of the character to be fully realized, Motaro should be offered as a non-playable boss character, just like he was in the good old days.  The concept of getting a DLC boss only character may be silly, but I think it would be worth forking over a few bucks so MK fans can have the original roster of bosses from the first 3 MK games.  Going with Motaro’s original design would likely offer some major hurdles for the NetherRealm Studios team since they would have to figure out how to make each character’s X-Ray move and Fatality compatible with a four-legged creature that’s slightly bigger than Goro or Kintaro in overall scope, but in the end I think the time and energy into tweaking things would be worth it seeing as how Motaro has always been a badass character. 

At times it almost seemed like NetherRealm Studios was teasing us with the quick glimpses of Motaro that were seen during the story mode of the new MK game so maybe that was a taste of things to come and at some point we’ll play as a four-legged Centaur warrior.




Amongst the many characters in the MK universe Mokap is probably the one that you didn’t expect to be on the list at all.  Is Mokap a pivotal character in the MK universe? No he isn’t, but he’s definitely better than Jarek or Li Mei aka another excuse to put a buxom Asian chick in the game.  Mortal Kombat has always had a slightly silly element present in some form and Mokap represented that with his appearance in MK: Deadly Alliance, which was purely a goof on the part of the developers but still managed to be a fun character to play as.  While being a close doppelganger to both Stryker and Johnny Cage (maybe he’s Johnny’s “stunt double”), Mokap was a character whose moves set and design made him a nice character to throw into the fighter rotation once in a while just to lighten things up a bit.

Putting Mokap in the new MK game would be a nice bonus of sorts to give the old fans another nostalgia moment and just to lighten up the sometimes serious mood of MK. Yeah, Shang Tsung using a fireball to shoot down helicopter may be silly upon itself, but why not throw a dude in the mix that’s clearly an inside joke at the video game industry?  Hell, maybe NetherRealm Studios ought to go as far as to make Mokap’s alt suit a simple character wireframe model with a Fatality that consists of taking the texture off another character.


Now for the major what if scenario…..

King Leonidas from the graphic novel/movie 300

Yes, I’m including yet another Spartan warrior in the mix since Kratos just wasn’t enough to fulfill my need for strong guys who can kick ass while wearing a skirt.  But in reality putting Leonidas in the mix would be slightly possible since Warner Brothers did release the movie 300 hence they have the power to add the mega six-pack abs and finely cut beard of King Leonidas into the world of Mortal Kombat. Would Leonidas be a good mix in MK as far as believability and moves are concerned? I think he wouldn’t stick out too much despite many of his core fighting styles involving either a sword or a spear of some kind as we’ve all seen how NetherRealm Studios adapted Kratos to the word of Mortal Kombat.

Whether Leonidas’ look is inspired by Frank Miller’s design in the graphic novel or that of Scottish badass supreme Gerard Butler, it would be a highlight for me to pull off a few Fatalities as Leonidas and yell just cause I’m playing as a badass.


Neo and Agent Smith from The Matrix

As Shogun Gamer community member Jedi Marcos suggested, why not add Neo and Agent Smith into the mix if Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees are supposedly being added to MK?  Once again, such a thing could be possible since Warner Brothers own the rights to the Matrix franchise and honestly, it would be nice to see some sort of Matrix video game representation that doesn’t completely suck.  Sure, having Neo and Smith pop up in a limited guest appearance in MK wouldn’t be as cool as a full-on Matrix game in which I can fully become cyber kung fu Jesus, but at this point I’ll take anything I can get.

While having Neo and Smith would probably be a bit unexplainable, even by the fantasy standards of the MK franchise, it would nonetheless be an amazing thing to include and I don’t think there would be much of an outcry from gamers. In fact, despite the less than lukewarm ending of the Matrix franchise which still has people disappointed eight years later, I think there would be genuine excitement to see what NetherRealm Studios could do with characters like Neo and Agent Smith.  Who wouldn’t want to see the fantasy match up of Neo and Smith fighting in a subway stage modeled after the final fight from the first Matrix movie or go all out in faux Superman mode ala Matrix Revolutions? I know that having characters like Neo and Agent Smith may be pushing the limits of what’s acceptable in MK and may simply come across as Warner Brothers shoe-horning characters, but if it doesn’t affect the overall quality of the game and is only meant for the people who want to pay $5 or whatever the sum is, then I don’t see the harm in doing such a thing.

Character skins based on Mortal Kombat: Legacy

So far Mortal Kombat: Legacy has been a massive hit with the first three episodes reaching well over eight million views and gamers across the world being thoroughly happy with what has been presented.  Perhaps this would become too meta for some, but what if a special DLC pack was released which gave MK characters like Jax, Sonya and Johnny Cage new character skins based on how they appear in MK: Legacy?  The grounded look of MK: Legacy may take away some of the extravagance that’s to be had in Mortal Kombat, but it would be nice to kick some ass controlling a character model that looks like Michael Jai White or tearing things up with Scorpion’s almost traditional Japanese garb that’s presented in MK: Legacy.

Not all the characters in Mortal Kombat could receive a MK: Legacy alt costume, but I think releasing a special DLC pack based on the hit web series would be an extremely cool thing to do.  That’s of course unless Warner Brothers is waiting to do a full-on MK: Legacy movie which may likely spurn Mortal Kombat: Legacy – The Video Game Based on a Movie That’s Based on a Video Game. If we’re lucky enough to see such a thing occur one can only hope it would be better than Street Fighter: The Movie – The Game.



Based on the popularity of the new Mortal Kombat game so far it’s entirely possible that we could see characters like Frost or even Rain pop up as DLC in the coming months.  We may not see a massive amount of characters be released as DLC since NetherRealm Studios likely doesn’t want to create a roster so large that it would be better suited for a sequel, but that doesn’t mean we can’t see a few fan favorites pop up in the next year or so.

If the rumors of Freddy and Jason’s appearance in MK are legit I really wonder just how far Warner Brothers is going to take things in the future.  I doubt we’ll see someone like Harry Potter pop-up and battle sorcerers like Shang Tsung or Quan Chi (though such a thing would be highly amusing) but putting some adult centric characters from the world of WB films in Mortal Kombat could be a win-win situation for everyone.  Warner Brothers would expand their core film properties, Mortal Kombat would get new characters, and gamers/geeks across the world would get the chance to play as characters, some of which may be playable in a video for the first time ever.

Be sure to let us know which MK or film character you would want to see pop up as DLC in Mortal Kombat?  If you’re one of the few fans of Jarek then let your voice be heard in the comments section or hit us up on our Facebook profile.