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Former Capcom honcho Keiji Infanue Reveals His New Companies

After having to delay the time of his meeting due to the events that transpired in Japan several weeks ago, former Capcom R&D head Keiji Infanue has revealed what’s next for him in the world of video games.  Since Keiji’s departure from Capcom last October it was unclear if he would continue his career in the video game industry or perhaps call it a day and look towards uncharted territory, much like what former Namco employee Keita Takahashi has done.

It appears that Keiji has lofty plans for his post-Capcom career as he has announced not just one but two new companies.  As we somewhat oddly found out a while back ago, Keiji has one new company suspiciously called Comcept, which as he announced today covers a broad range of media/entertainment types such as video games, books and even event planning. Keiji’s other new company, dubbed Intercept, will be his video game focused endeavor which has three core pillars to it: Originality, Gravity and Beyond the Age.  As outlined by Keiji, he hopes Intercept will be able to do projects that can’t be copied (Originality),that people will be drawn to work for Intercept (Gravity) and that the projects created by Intercept will be able to live on beyond the year it’s released – much like Keiji’s creation Mega Man has done.

Besides giving us a basic outline of his new companies Keiji didn’t have a whole lot to say about the immediate future of Intercept and Comcept.  It’s likely that Keiji has some plans brewing game wise, but it’s still not known of Intercept will be geared towards developing high-end triple-A action games, much like what Platinum Games has done, or if they’ll focus on smaller games that are released via digital distribution. Keiji does have another press conference slated for April 4th so he could very well announced more in-depth plans for Intercept and Comcept then, or at the very least he could give us a pre-E3 2011 tease to get the hype gears going.

Having gone off his rocker a bit in the past year, Keiji doesn’t have a whole lot of fans amongst gamers especially when you factor in some of the decisions he made at Capcom. But Keiji is responsible for Mega Man and Onimusha so I think that despite what mad ramblings he has said in the past, we should all keep an eye out on what comes out of Intercept and Comcept since it could end up being the next big thing in the almost stagnant sea of Japanese game developers.


[via Andriasang]