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Fist-Bump or Bitch-Slap: Microsoft and Alienware

This is the love/hate relationship between the video game industry and myself. Every week I will pick someone who gets my Fist-bump for doing a good deed, someone who gets my undesirable Bitch-Slap for doing something wrong (or just something that pisses me off), and I'll share my experience/opinion along the way. 

I would like to personally thank and give my FIST-BUMP to Alienware for making their latest set of gaming laptops.

I don't speak much of computer hardware, mainly because I havn't been a “PC Gamer” since my early teens. I was raised on the PC and started my endless path into the world of video games through early childhood LAN parties.


A month ago, Alienware released their latest upgraded versions of their top tier video game laptops. Now built to include the new Intel Quad Core i7and the revolutionary NVIDIA GeForce graphics card. This line of PCs are the best gaming laptops on the market and they are only going to get better. I for one, have been playing my new M14x like crazy and everything (game wise) that I throw at it has been greeted with a warm and very fluid welcome.

-My secondary FIST-BUMP goes out to Lionhead Studios for re-creating and fixing Fable III for PC. 

My BITCH-SLAP this week goes out to Microsoft and their publishing partners for the apparent neglect of their Kinect peripheral.

I'm hoping that either this BITCH-SLAP wakes up Microsoft, or is quickly proved wrong come E3 time. Ever since the release of Kinect last fall, Microsoft has done little or nothing to really take advantage of their new tech.


I pray that Microsoft will blow my mind with what is upcoming for Kinect. I know that there are some slightly big games coming to the system/peripheral, but I need more convincing. What we need to see from Microsoft is more. More published, more advertising, more brands, more budget and more development. I'm tired of watching people pet their tigers. I'm tired of beating my own world record and I'm tired of dancing. This was supposed to be the turn of times for interactive gaming.... don't slow down.

- My secondary BITCH-SLAP goes out to Gamer's Guide to Life for their “top 5 members of the video game press”. Everything about the list is great (especially P.Kollar and A.Reiner), but please, please don't tell me you actually think Sessler is the second best! /upchuck.