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First Teaser Image of Prey 2 Is Revealed, Is Totally In Dudebro Mode

Ok so earlier today we received the rather surprising and well received news that a sequel to Prey was in the works.  Prey may not be on top of everyone’s must-have sequel list, but the first game has a loyal following (which includes myself) that was happy to see that a sequel to the 2006 game was still in the works. Nearly three years ago we were teased that a Prey sequel was in the works, but after Bethesda acquired developer Human Head Studios not a single peep was said concerning the fate of the franchise until today.

Seeing as how it’ll be six years since the first Prey game was released by the time Prey 2 is on retail shelves, I wondered how many changes the sequel would receive.  After all the first Prey game wasn’t a massive hit nor did it gain a foothold of cult status amongst gamers, at least not enough for certain imagery to be ingrained in the DNA of gaming. My main worry was that Prey 2 would perhaps follow some of the familiar trends of today, whether it is the implementation of a cover system or feature a more dudebro/Call of Duty type vibe.  We may not have seen a single frame of Prey 2 in action yet, but if this cover from upcoming issue of Game Reactor magazine is any indication, then I think Prey is definitely trying to appeal to the CoD audience.

Right now no one has a clue whether this spec ops looking cover man is Tommy, the hero from the first Prey, or an entirely new character.  But seeing as how Tommy was still alive at the end of the first Prey (ZOMG SPOILERS!) and appeared to be featured in the concept art we saw in 2008, it seems likely that the mysterious man gracing the Game Reactor cover is none other than Tommy. Now here’s where I take issue in this:  how can our hero go from a very cool looking and original Native American chap (who looked like he was two steps removed from Nightwolf) to looking like he’s a cohort of Sam Fisher?  There’s really nothing too original in this new character design and if anything it’s almost painfully bland in all its kill notched glory.

Perhaps this teaser image isn’t fully indicative of the direction Human Head Studios and Bethesda are taking with Prey 2, but I’m definitely worried about things right now.  It’s one for the developers to slightly alter the character to better suit the trends of today, but to entirely revamp his look to the point where he looks like a member of the Modern Warfare 2 squad is a bit much to swallow at once.

I guess we’ll see shortly what sort of other changes are inbound for Prey 2 but if this cover is a sign then I think we should strap ourselves in for quite a departure from the Prey we were once familiar with.