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First-Person Tetris is awesome

Tetris is easily the most timeless game ever made. While the tales and visuals crafted in SNES classics like Super Mario and modern day hits like Halo are amazing and are fun to play they simply don’t hold a candle compared to the simple yet always entertaining mechanics of Tetris.

With that being said some folks have made their own version of Tetris that has a unique perspective on things called First-Person Tetris. No, the game doesn't involve shooting at people or anything crazy but it is a unqiue game by Tetris standards.  The jest of First-Person Tetris is that whenever the player rotates a block the actual screen moves accordingly.  So if you rotate the block to the left the screen will also move which may result in a few people getting dizzy. It may not be able to top the original but it’s certainly the best iteration let alone user made one we’ve seen in awhile.

Play First-Person Tetris here