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First look at Downfall, yet another cancelled game

I guess this is the week to reveal cancelled projects since we have a look at yet another game that was given the boot.  This time the game comes to us via Lara Croft developer Crystal Dynamics and of course the game was a new IP. Oh my god, a new IP was cancelled in favor of the developer working on an established franchise!?!? The injustice in the video game industry continues!

Following the post-apocalyptic theme that is so popular this generation, Crystal Dynamics was working on Downfall: San Francisco. As the name suggests, the game revolved around a decimated San Francisco, though right now it’s unclear what caused the destruction but the game was interestingly being dubbed a survival horror game.  So that either means it was going to have a fantasy element (omg it’s the zombies/beasts) or it was survival horror in the sense that you need to survive in a decimated city with the odds stacked against you.

No additional details are known on the project aside that it was sacked by Square Enix/Eidos before it was completed.  With developer Crystal Dynamics now in charge of the Tomb Raider/Lara Croft series it shouldn’t be too surprising if Downfall was partly canned so CD could begin work on the next Lara Croft adventure.  Personally I’m not too bummed out by the loss of Downfall since it doesn’t look too terribly exciting in these leaked screens. Featuring the all too familiar brown color palette of most apocalyptic games, I’m sure Downfall would’ve featured some cool gameplay but on the art side of things it could’ve use a lot of work.

But those looking for post-apocalyptic action in a real city shouldn’t be too bummed out as Ubisoft is still set to release the Chicago based game “I Am Alive” sometime next.

[Via Tomb Raider BIZ]