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First details on Killzone 3

Today feels like an early Christmas of sorts since it’s rare that a game announcement gets the jaded gaming masses hyped up. We all knew that Killzone 3 was coming but damn, who thought we would get info before E3 and that the game would be maxing things out in the awesome department? So what can we expect from Killzone 3?  Well how do arctic levels, jetpacks, and new weapons sound? Oh yeah there’s one other thing, Killzone 3 is going to be in 3D. Complete mind explosion.

All the Killzone 3 goodness comes to us via the upcoming issue of GamePro Magazine.  It’s somewhat odd that Sony would announce such a pivotal and high profile game prior to E3 but I guess they have other things to showcase.  So let’s get to the meat of things.  Killzone 3 will once again feature KZ2 protagonist Sev as he and his ISA squad try to survive on Helghan.  I won’t spoil things if you didn’t play Killzone 2 but I’ll just say that things ended on a dire note.  With KZ3 focusing on a small squad in a foreign land the game has been compared to the film “Inglorious Basterds.” I’m sure we won’t see Sev take out a Helghan soldier with a baseball bat but I guess the story will be more character driven compared to KZ2.

Speaking of narrative improvements over its predecessor, KZ3 will give players something they’ve been wanting: more of a focus on the Helghast.  While the game won’t be switching things up and allow users to play as a Helghan, the story will show that the Helghast aren’t soulless basterds and still have some humanity left.  Maybe we’ll see a character like Colonel Hakha (KZ1) return since he was sadly M.I.A. in Killzone 2.  Guerilla Games also plans on giving the Helghast their own unique language which will be at the forefront of the game.  It’s a minor addition but personally I think it’s something that will greatly help establish the mood of the game. I just hope the Helghast still are still voiced by British and Scottish actors since we all know it’s cool to have an accent. Brian Cox and Sean Pertwee FTW!

On the actual gameplay side of things KZ3 is shaping up to be nuts.  Retaining the core mechanics of KZ2, the game will of course have a few added features the most notable of which are jetpacks.  The jetpacks of KZ3 aren’t sleek James Bond type things as they’re big, bulky and are outfitted with a mini-gun.  It’s unknown if jetpacks will be present in multiple levels or if they’ll be featured in simply a few. Based on what was revealed in GamePro I think the jetpacks are going to be something everyone will dig.  

Promised to be lightweight and agile, the jetpacks will be used for both combat and navigation. One example that was given involves Sev moving from glaciers akin to what you would expect from a platforming game.  The jetpacks are one of the ways Guerilla is expanding the size of the game which they promise won’t feel as limited and direct as KZ2.

Perhaps the biggest addition to Killzone 3 is that it’s being made from the ground up for 3D. While it hasn’t caught on in gaming quite yet, the 3D in Killzone 3 is being labeled as a game changer and something that doesn’t feel like a gimmick.  Killzone 3 being in 3D of course means you’ll need a 3D TV as the game won’t be using the old-school red and blue glasses. I’m a bit worried that the implementation of 3D may be too high a barrier of entry for some but I’m sure folks will want to purchase one once the E3 impressions come in.  And you can bet your ass that I’m going to run to the Sony booth if there’s a Killzone 3 demo going on.

So far our first details on Killzone 3 are extremely promising.  Featuring gorgeous visuals, the promise of improved action and jaw dropping 3D, Killzone 3 is going to another showpiece fps game for the PS3.  With more details to come at E3 concerning multiplayer and PlayStation Move support, I think that the hype for Killzone 3 is already through the roof and at this point it deserves it.