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First details on DJ Hero

Activision’s upcoming DJ Hero has been under a veil of secrecy with only a few rumors and a hint at what its turntable will look like being released so far. Thankfully score tracking site ScoreHero has the first info on DJ Hero from the upcoming Game Informer preview and the info certainly won’t disappoint those who have been waiting for the game.

One of the most burning questions for the game is what will the turntable look like? It could either surpass the superb job that Konami has done or it could be an absolute pile of trash. Well it seems like the pictures that leaked awhile ago were exactly on the mark of what will be the final product.

The turntable for the game has two parts, one of which is the “platter” for the disc and the other piece, which is detachable, features the standard face and directional buttons as well as a Euphoria button, an effects dial and a crossfader. The second piece of the turntable is detachable to accommodate left handed people like myself so we can all become DJ gods.

DJ Hero uses three scrolling tracks with the outside two being required to use the crossfader in order to work. The scroll track also slides left and right to indicate the direction of the crossfader which I must say is a nice touch. 

The tracks will also have up or down arrows which indicate which way to scratch the disc. Along with this the player may also see an X button show up which allows them to scratch in either direction.

As you spin the buttery beats without screwing up you’re build up a Rewind Meter which will allows players to send the song to an earlier section. It wasn’t made clear if the player can choose which section or if it’ll be automated somehow.

The effects dial on the second part of the turntable comes into play with tracks that feature an overlay in certain parts of the song while the Euphoria button serves as the Star Power trigger.

According to the article it’s planned to have most of the songs in the game unlocked from the start, 10 of which will support duet play with a guitar controller. If having guitar support for certain songs wasn’t enough for you the game will also support a freestyle microphone as well. DJ Hero will also support 2 players for what I assume will be an awesome DJ battle mode.

This info definitely sounds interesting so it seems like the deciding factor in whether DJ Hero will be good or not is the actual quality of the turntable itself in terms of the materials used and of course the music selection.