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First Crop Of Games Premiering At The Spike Video Game Awards 2011 Are Revealed

It’s close to that special time of year in which we get a few surprises that we weren’t expecting at all. No, I’m not talking about receiving a holiday specific present but instead receiving our first look at brand new video games and eagerly anticipated sequels thanks to the Spike Video Game Awards.  A tradition in the video game biz for the last few years, the Spike VGAs can always be assured to give us a few key things: horrible “comedy”, world premier trailers, and an almost unnecessary amount of dudebro content which may or may not include women prancing around in bikinis.

Things haven’t been too bad at the last few Spike VGAs shows and in fact they’re always come through in the reveal front as we’ve gotten first look at games like Batman: Arkham City and Mass Effect 3. With this year’s show slated to air on December 10, the first few games expected to be shown at the show have been announced and they’re definitely top tier stuff.

Debuting next month at the Spike VGAs will be our first look at Remedy's Alan Wake follow-up, the next new franchise from BioWare and long, long, long return of Metal Gear Solid: Rising.  We’ll receive an early glimpse of Alan Wake and BioWare’s next project next week in screenshot form via Game Informer, but MGS: Rising’s debut will be exclusive to the VGAs, or at least that’s how Geoff Keighley is hyping it to be since Hideo Kojima will be at the show or at least be introducing the video.

The reveal of Alan Wake isn’t surprising considering the Kinect/XBLA spin-off rumors we’ve been hearing as of late and of course it’s no surprise BioWare is cooking something up to. What’s interesting is that MGS: Rising is being shown off at the VGAs, which is about as Western centric as a video games event can get.  Since we haven’t seen what Rising looks like in the past year who knows what sort of changes the title has undergone and if Konami is targeting this as their major attempt at penetrating a Western audience.  Gamers in the West and those who watch the VGAs are probably familiar with the Metal Gear franchise, but we really haven’t seen a Japanese company do a major debut at the show in the past so Rising must be special for Konami to show it at the event.

Other games premiering at the show haven’t been revealed yet but will in the coming weeks through incessant teasing by Geoff Keighley on Twitter.