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Find Out Who's Playing Mileena In The Mortal Kombat Web Series

The cast on the upcoming Mortal Kombat web series continues to be revealed leading up to its early/middle of April premier as we now know who will be playing Mileena. Perhaps known for being absolutely crazy and needing a good dentist (maybe that’s pushing it a bit as Shao Kahn obviously digs her), Mileena is a character that is a bit hard to peg down as far as actresses are concerned since there are different ways you could go with the character. Mileena’s brief appearance in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation was an absolute abomination and it didn’t help that her costume looked like it was thrown together at the last minute. But hopefully things will turn out for the better in Mortal Kombat: Legacy.

Via the sometimes right and sometimes wrong source that is IMDB, it appears that Jolene Tran has been given the role of the crazed not-so human ninja that is Mileena.  An experienced trickster practitioner, Jolene is relatively new to the martial arts/action movie scene but based on videos like the one below, I think she has quite the future ahead of her if she gets the right gigs.  Jolene joins the already impressive cast of Mortal Kombat: Legacy which includes Ian Anthony Dale as Scorpion, Tahmoh Penikett as Kurtis Stryker, Michael Jai White as Jax and Sam Tjhia who will be playing Princess Kitana.


A video showcasing Jolene's skills.

Maybe I’m expecting too much out of MK: Legacy, but looking at the talent of Jolene and Sam, I can’t help but be excited at the thought of what the Kitana vs. Mileena fight scene will be like.  We haven’t gotten much if any hints at how complex the fight scenes will be in MK: Legacy but if Jolene and Sam were allowed to do their thing then I think we’re bound to get a “Holy shit” inducing fight scene out of them, especially with fight choreographer Larnell Stovall calling the shots.

A release date for Mortal Kombat: Legacy hasn’t been announced yet but the first episode of the web series is expected to drop sometime in early April.