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Final Fantasy vs. XIII Still Exists And Here Are Some New Details For It

If you did a quick scan of all the games and news that came out of the Tokyo Game Show last week you may notice one major omission: Final Fantasy vs. XIII.  The game did not follow typical Square Enix fashion by appearing in a closed mega theater guarded by ninjas armed with Sephiroth swords to kill those who would record footage of a new trailer nor did the game appear in a behind closed doors capacity. Square Enix simply didn’t feel like the time was right to show the game thus we still don’t have any new media since we saw the game earlier this year in January.

Square Enix and FFvsXIII Director Tetsuya Nomura may still be dragging their designer jean wearing butts a bit, but the game is still progressing nicely in some fashion or another.  In an interview with Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura revealed a few details on FFvsXIII which while not completely mind blowing will still be savored as an absolute treasure by the many gamers patiently waiting for the game.  Exactly how much of the core design the FFvsXIII team has completed is anyone’s guess, but Nomura revealed that he recently did a full run-through of the world map in addition to scoping out the side path’s and dungeons in the game.  Final Fantasy vs. XIII is going to be one of those games where the content is plentiful and varied, but it’ll still have some good old fashioned dungeon action to keep RPG veterans happy.

Nomura also revealed an interesting tidbit about the technology powering the game. Originally running solely on the Crystal Engine that Square Enix produced for all their HD games, FFvsXIII has gone through a few changes – the most prominent of which is that it isn’t solely being powered by the Crystal Engine.  In a comment that may make people more optimistic that Square Enix will get their stuff together for the next console generation, Nomura revealed that FFvsXIII is using lighting technology from the Luminous engine. For those not in the know, the Luminous engine is the next-generation graphics engine Square Enix is currently developing, hopefully in the hopes that it won’t be a complete bust like the Crystal Engine.  I wouldn’t say that Final Fantasy vs. XIII will be indicative in any way of what the Luminous engine will be capable of or what its strong suits will be, but I’m just happy to see that Square Enix are getting used to it sooner rather than later when it counts the most.

No details or hints were dropped as to when we would see Final Fantasy vs. XIII in action next so even an appearance at Jump Festa in December is questionable as of now.  I know that we’ve essentially been put through the ringer with how much info is revealed for Final Fantasy vs. XIII but in the end one can only hope that the game speaks for itself and is worth our time instead of being the biggest bust in Square Enix history.

[via Andriasang]