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FIFA Street Shows It's Realistic Side In This New Video

I’m a fan of the terrific sport that if soccer/football and deep inside my gamer heart I want EA’s latest stab at FIFA Street to be good.  The fact that we’re getting another installment of FIFA Street is a surprise to begin with since the games for the PS2/Xbox generation were simply so-so and the HD installment of the series proved to be less than stunning in its complete cartoon inspired glory.  

With the newest FIFA Street game EA appears to be dialing things back a bit to focus on realism in every possible facet.  Street soccer is a huge thing across the world and instead of trying to provide a game that revolves around unrealistic tricks or has an interpretation of Wayne Rooney that looks like his face was squished, the new FIFA Street is striving for 100% realism.  

The realistic side of FIFA Street is front and center in this new gameplay video which cuts between impressive foot work in the game and the same thing in real life.  Seeing a character in FIFA Street pull off a simply majestic move with the ball is rather impressive since the animations are smooth and things are restrained, in a good way at least.  The only concern I have is how easy it’ll be to do a bit of soccer ballet and whether or not that’ll be a constant focus during a match in FIFA Street.  

A major problem in the previous FIFA Street games was how it would be difficult to get any momentum going to get tricks or at least properly set up plays to score goal opportunities.  We have yet to seen a complete match of FIFA Street so there’s a chance that the team at EA Vancouver has streamlined things, more-so since the game uses the same physics engine that was implemented in FIFA 12.

EA still hasn’t pegged an exact release date for FIFA Street just yet, but the game will drop on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in early 2012.