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FIFA 12 For The Vita Makes A Good First Impression In These New Screens

The launch of the PlayStation Vita wouldn’t be complete with a sports title and thankfully EA is there to provide such a thing with FIFA 12.  Traditionally soccer games on the handhelds have never fared well due to the obvious technical limitations but FIFA 12 is looking rather impressive in these debut images EA has released.

FIFA 12 has already wowed gamers on the HD platforms and hopefully it’ll please the many footy fans out there when the game launches in both Europe and North America for the launch of the Vita.  EA has supposedly done through tremendous efforts with the port of FIFA 12 to the Vita by retaining the new physics based engine that powers the game and having some rudimentary online features available on day 1.

The screens may not look totally breathtaking compared to what we saw of FIFA 12 on the PS3 and Xbox 360, but just keep in mind that on the Vita’s OLED screen the game will look as sexy as a sports game can.  As a longtime FIFA fan and someone overwhelmingly excited for the Vita the only concerns I have about FIFA 12 lay in how the game will control and how much support EA plans to give the game.  EA’s original FIFA effort for the PSP was completely barebones and forgettable so I just hope that FIFA 12 isn’t a repeat of that and the game is good for more than a quick two minute match whilst on the bus.