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A few new pics from the latest Ratchet and Clank adventure

It's odd that a new Ratchet & Clank game is being released this year but the hype for it is almost non-existent so far.  We’ve seen the game in action at various events such as E3 but even at a big event like that its presence was somewhat small. I don’t know if we should be worried or if it’s just a case of our attention being elsewhere on the 500 other games being released this holiday season.

But despite the small amount of hype that is building for the new R&C game, which could be the duo’s last, some new images for the game have been released which I’m sure will get some interested in the game.  The latest batch of R&C sci-fi awesome shows off a few of the new characters Ratchet & Clank will meet along their journey along with some of the weapons Ratchet will use to depose of the alien and robotic menace that stands in his way.

I’m looking forward to the new R&C game as it should be nice to have a platformer amidst all the action and fps games this season. Quest for Booty was quite enjoyable and what I’ve seen of the new game looks good so hopefully we’ll have another nice Ratchet and Clank adventure on our hands.