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Fallen Frontier Combines Detailed Visuals With Simple 2D Gameplay [Video]

We’re never in short supply of 2D side-scrolling shooting games so what’s the harm in getting another title for XBLA and possibly the PSN? I know my otherwise sarcastic tone is indicative of the sometimes jaded vibe I give off, but I think we may have a title to keep our eye on in the form of Fallen Frontier.  Coming to us from Moonshot Games (which consists of former Bungie staffers) Fallen Frontier has all the familiar trappings of a standard side-scrolling action game, but for all we know it could end up being this year’s surprise hit like Shadow Complex was two years ago.

Fallen Frontier is an impressive looking 2D shooter that is actually 2D, which in this world of 2.5D or fully 3D games is a bit shocking.  Instead of opting for fully rendered character models or a combination 2D sprites with 3D backgrounds, Fallen Frontier is almost old-school in its approach.  Composed entirely of 2D yet very stylish and futuristic art, Fallen Frontier has a style to it that isn’t seen that often on the consoles these days. Yeah, we’re somewhat used to seeing side-scrolling game X appear on the PSN or XBLA, but often it’s one of those flash in the pan games which is merely interesting for a few minutes.

Maybe Fallen Frontier will fall under the flashy but sadly boring category, though in a rare occasion I’m actually being optimistic over the quality of the game and what the future holds for it. After all, with a game this good looking it would be a shame of epic proportions if it suffers from control issues or just ends up being boring to play.

A release date for Fallen Frontier hasn’t been given yet but the game is expected to be available on Xbox Live Arcade. A release on the PSN hasn’t been ruled out yet as Moonshot Games hasn’t commented on the matter yet.