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F.3.A.R. box art is simple yet still creepy


The last time we saw F.E.A.R. 3, or should I say F.3.A.R was last month when the game was formally announced. We didn’t get much in the way of media aside from a snazzy looking live-action trailer which gave us a few milliseconds of gameplay footage.

WB Games has joined the list of game publishers/developers who are releasing small updates on their projects to get some pre-E3 hype going.  Today now know what the F.3.A.R. box art looks like since WB Games were nice enough to release it.  I know, this is a box art story but c’mon, it’s a slow news week so far.  

The box art itself is rather interesting since it strays from the common “dude pointing gun while striking stoic pose” that most game box arts seem to have.  If anything the box art has a creepy side to it with the look Alma and her now dead son Paxton are giving.  But I guess with Mother’s Day around the corner it's fitting that we got this box art now.