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Exciting new Mortal Kombat footage and news

Earlier this week we were promised some new goodness for Mortal Kombat and we certainly got that last night on Gametrailers TV.  Not only did the new episode of GT TV feature a ton of info and insight on the development process of the new MK game, but it also revealed a new roster addition: Major Jackson “Jax” Briggs.  Good old power arms Jax will be joining the brutal battle that is Mortal Kombat and I must say that I’m really digging his look and moves set so far.  Jax’s back breaker move in particular has that perfect brutal look to it and his victory celebration pose of wrapping himself in the American flag is already an instant classic.

In addition to Jax, NetherRealm also revealed Jax’s stage: the classic MK subway. A staple of the series, the subway level not only has that nice shadowy look going on, but it also features a brutal stage fatality as well.  Though I’m a bit bummed out you can’t do any crazy flipping like in The Matrix to avoid oncoming trains.

That all the new stuff that was revealed on the gameplay side of things, but NetherRealm did talk briefly about the story of this new Mortal Kombat chapter.  Picking up from the events of MK: Armageddon, the new MK chapter involves Raiden sending a sign of warning to his younger MK1 version in an attempt to stop Shao Kahn from ending the world.  So in a way the new MK game is a reboot without being a complete restart of the entire franchise and existing MK lore.  Along with that, it was also revealed that the story mode of the game would be split up in character specific characters like in MK vs. DC.

Not a lot of other details were revealed, but in typical MK tradition, it appears that the new Mortal Kombat game will indeed feature mini-games of some sort.  Give me puzzle kombat and I’ll be a happy boy.

To get the lowdown on the new Mortal Kombat and to see Jax in action, check out the episode of Gametrailers TV below.