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EVO 2010 Says Goodbye ‘Til Next Year [Video]

EVO has finished for another year, but for those who will continue the tradition of one-on-one close quarters combat; it will continue to live in our hearts for the whole of the year. With that in mind the EVO 2010 wrap-up video has been posted, featuring some pretty sexy looking pan-shots that showcase the people who have made this one of the biggest video game events in the world. Of course there are plenty of celebrities showcased (like this year's winner Daigo who is caught signing some woman's breast), but where the video really tugs at the ol' heartstrings is the showcasing of the fans and their comradery.

EVO 2010 looked to be one of the best yet, and even though I was sold on the idea of being there for EVO 2011 beforehand, this video has re-sold me on the idea. Anyone up for testing their might online? I got a whole lot of training to do for next year's show...