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Even more screens from Clash of the Titans - The Video Game

Yesterday we got our first trailer for Namco Bandai’s Clash of the Titans video game. Being a fan of the previous media showings of the game I was relieved when I saw that it didn’t look like crap in motion. Now Namco Bandai has released some additional screens for the game featuring most of the enemies and locations from the trailer.

I’m probably one of ten people hyped for the game but I’m going to continue to push this game down everyone’s throats. That could backfire on me if the game sadly turns out to be crap but I’m going to hope for the best. But I think most people should be able to appreciate the wonderful art design the game has. Also, fans of the original Clash of the Titans film should get a kick out of seeing the skeleton enemies make a return who are backed by a massive boss. Now I just wonder if Bubo will make an appearance somehow.