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EA's Origin Service Could Be Coming To The Wii U

The Wii U may have been revealed already but there are still a lot of things we don’t know about the console and likely won’t know until it re-emerges at E3 2012.  Nintendo’s direction with the Wii U seems somewhat unfocused as of now but one major bullet point that folks like Reggie Fils-Aime made known in countless interviews is that Nintendo will be trying to provide a better online infrastructure in both how gamers play games online and how they purchase their online based content.  Actual details or faint hints as to what Nintendo would be doing in the online space would’ve been appreciated, but alas we don’t have a clue.

Nintendo may still be giving us the silent treatment, but word has arisen that EA is supposedly pushing Nintendo to include their EA Origin service on the Wii U.  EA’s digital distribution service has received somewhat mixed reactions from PC gamers so far but it could become an integral or at least key aspect for how gamers get their goods on the Wii U.  The details as of now don’t point to Origin being the de facto service for the Wii U and I wouldn’t expect much given how other 3rd party studios may not be happy to have their products available on EA’s service.  

As it stands now Nintendo and EA are in talks to have Origin appear on the Wii U and are likely working out whatever technical and infrastructure aspects that need to be ironed out.  Putting Origin on the Wii U in some fashion, perhaps as a side-service next to whatever Nintendo offers, could be good to provide gamers with options and just to have a good online service in general.  EA’s desire to have Origin on the Wii U is of course slightly selfish in a respect since the company merely wants to push their service, which for all we know could appear on the next iteration of the PlayStation and Xbox as well. But word also has it that Valve is looking to put Steam on the Wii U, which ultimately would be great as well and could give the Wii U a substantial foot hold compared to Sony and Microsoft.

Like most rumors not much stock should be put into this Origin on Wii U rumor as it’s not 100% confirmed.  EA and Nintendo did seem rather chummy at Nintendo’s E3 press conference earlier this year so I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if talks are going down between the two companies.  Origin on Wii U could be a savior to Nintendo since it at least provides a level of familiarity amongst gamers and at least would perform better than Nintendo’s online digital distribution offerings for the Wii.  

Come next June I’m sure we’ll find out for sure if Origin will be headed to the Wii U and it could be the first of many potential megatons Nintendo drops at E3.

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