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Early footage of Raven's James Bond game

A few hours ago news broke that Raven Software’s James Bond video game was resurrected by Activision. Yes, Raven Software (Wolfenstein, Singularity, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) were working on a James Bond game, that is until Activision decided to put the project on the shelf so Raven could focus on creating map packs for COD: Black Ops. But now everything seems to be back on track and in the near future we could be getting a stealth centric James Bond game from Raven, fingers crossed of course.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, and the nature of the video game industry not being able to keep anything a secret, some early footage of Raven’s James Bond game has been found. Superannuation, the always reliable and awesome super sleuth, found a video which shows a few quick glimpses of Raven’s 007 game, both in an unfinished and near finished state. The video comes from a Raven employees animation demo reel, but after showing a few snippets of texture less animation work of Bond kicking ass, the video shows a brief sample of some gunplay and a QTE based rooftop chase sequence.

While it’s hard to judge the overall quality of Raven’s Bond game in a mere 30 seconds of footage, which is no doubt months old at this point, I liked what I saw in the video.  Raven’s 007 game was being dubbed as a more stealth centric approach, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in the level that’s shown as Bond is unleashing melee attacks, shooting guys, sliding underneath trucks and crashing through billboards whilst on a zip line.  While Raven’s project may not look that different from James Bond: Blood Stone on the surface, aside from the obvious visual differences, I don’t mind getting another 3rd person James Bond adventure, especially if Raven can pull it off.