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Early details on Batman: Arkham City

Last week it was like Christmas came early as Game Informer announced they had the world exclusive on Batman: Arkham City. With only an official logo and two pieces of Game Informer cover art, the video game community was instantly abuzz with hype and anticipation over what the next adventure of the Dark Knight would include. Now the first of presumably many details have finally come forth concerning Arkham City.

Thanks to a chap who got the new issue of Game Informer early, we have a few interesting details on what we can except from Arkham City.   Interestingly enough, it turns out that Quincy Sharp, the warden of Arkham Asylum, is no longer running for mayor of Gotham City. A subplot of sorts in Arkham Asylum, it’ll be interesting to find out why Quincy dropped out of his mayoral race and what role he’ll play in the sequel.

Game Informer also revealed the origins of Arkham City revealing that it stemmed from the fact that Arkham and Black Gate were no longer suitable for holding the various deranged prisoners, no doubt because of the events that happened during Arkham Asylum. Arkham 2.0 is now run by Hugo Strange, so not only did Quincy drop out of the mayoral race but he’s not even the top dog at Arkham anymore. That’s very interesting, especially considering his secret identity/crazed personality.

We still don’t have a ton of details on how Catwoman plays into Arkham City as a whole, but we do know Batman will initially encounter his sometimes lady friend.  In an attempt to earn some cred amongst the inmates, Two-Face plans to kill Catwoman. Of course Batman is there to save the day and subsequently does based on the Game Informer cover.  When this Two-Face/Catwoman encounter will appear in the game hasn’t been revealed nor were there been any mentions of co-op play.

Thankfully Rocksteady has no plan on gimping Batman as all the gadgets he had available at the end of Arkham Asylum will be available at the start of Arkham City.  Batman does have a few new gadgets available such as the smoke bomb and combat wise the Dark Knight can now counter two attacks at once.  The combat in Arkham Asylum was already bad-ass but the new countering abilities ought to ratchet things to the next level. Rocksteady also plans on adding more puzzles in the game along with the addition of side-quests and the return of the Riddler challenges.

So far that’s all the info that’s been leaked so far but I’m sure as the week continues we’ll get more details which will probably give us all a geekgasm.

[Via Arkham City]