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Early Details On Activision's Subscription Based Call of Duty Service

The day that gamers have been dreading has finally come to become a painstaking reality.  After learning that Activision was looking into an extensive online service for the Call of Duty franchise, specifically the initiative being headed by the COD Beachhead team, gamers wondered what sort of madness would be bestowed upon Call of Duty’s cherished multiplayer modes.  Well on the heels of E3, Activision has revealed a few early details on their new online initiative and I think the news may cause a revolt of sorts amongst the gaming masses.

Set to be an optional service to the multiplayer experience found in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and future COD game is the Call of Duty Elite service.  Since Activision has decided to plop down Elite into the name that means that come this November you can expect to pay a monthly fee if you want access to specific multiplayer maps and other features. It was definitely expected but we’re finally in the era of a COD game, or just a popular console FPS game in general, to receive a subscription based service that in turn could alienate a large group of gamers from playing or literally just annihilate the core fan base.

Activision has yet to settle on the price point for the COD Elite service, but it will be a monthly service with a price point that will supposedly be less than other major subscription services (Xbox Live, Netflix).  So while it’s likely that Activision won’t be giving us a simple fee of $2.99, I probably wouldn’t be surprised if we see a $4.99 or $6 monthly fee.

The full extent of the content offered in COD Elite haven’t been disclosed, nor was it mentioned if the map packs offered in the service would have a timed exclusivity period before they appear on the PSN or XBL. Its unlikely Activision will go full bore into the features included in COD Elite as this will definitely be a test of sorts for the company. But at the same time, the fact that a major COD game will have exclusive features at lauch or shortly thereafter will probably result in some gamers entirely bailing on the franchise.  A good portion of the 5 million+ gamers who buy COD may hop on board since paying $4-6 a month may not seem that bad, but will everyone hop on board a monthly service so they can have new map packs or other features, some of which may not be playable in the next major COD game?

E3 is already shaping up to be an absolute doozy of an event and I’m sure the full details on Activision’s COD Elite service will just be the icy on the cake for gamers totally losing their minds.

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