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EA Reportedly Has Next-Gen Xbox Dv Kits. Is An E3 Reveal/Tease Inbound? [Update]


EA has commented on this rumor and have said it's a complete fabrication.  EA's response is definitely different from the usual "we don't comment on rumors and speculation" so I guess we can all move on forward and enjoy the rest of our easy going Friday afternoon.


-Original Story-


Aside from all the Wii 2/Project Café/Nintendo Stream rumors and news that have surfaced, the build up to E3 has been rather slow. There are definitely games appearing at the mega event that we’re all excited for, but it appeared that Nintendo may have stolen the thunder from everyone pending whether or not their Wii successor is mega gimmick or a worthwild core focused gaming device.

Now Develop is reporting through an inside source that Microsoft may have something major in the cards for E3. Besides showing their major software releases ranging from the rumored HD Halo: CE remake to the core centric games for the Kinect, Microsoft may dish out a tease for their next iteration of the Xbox at E3 to steal some thunder from Nintendo’s next-gen console.  According to the Develop report, EA has recently acquired early dev kits of Microsoft’s next-gen video game system.  It’s not too surprising that one of the biggest publishers/developers in the industry has dev kits for Microsoft’s next-gen hardware, but it at least shows that Microsoft is along enough in their development process that they have hardware units ready for developers.

Microsoft of course has made claims in the past that their next-gen console wouldn’t be hitting anytime soon, but according to the Develop tipster, the successor to the Xbox 360 could be in stores by 2012 due to “pressure” from Nintendo’s offerings.  Like any rumor, it stands within reason that this rumor is complete garbage and is nothing but the ranting’s of someone who wishes they were in the know. 

The tone of the industry often changes radically so perhaps Microsoft did have one plan set in stone but perhaps those were shifted a bit due to the sudden reveal by Nintendo.  At this point I honestly don’t know whether to believe the rumor that we could see a next-gen console tease from Microsoft at E3 this year.  I think gamers were expecting the big three companies to have their next-gen consoles ready for 2013-2014 but here we are with Nintendo kicking things off for 2012.  Maybe Microsoft is feeling some pressure and they’ll give us a simple one minute wholly CG sizzle reel that will have people talking the entire year.

E3 will no doubt blow up over the mere mention of Microsoft’s next video game console, but I just hope that they aren’t rushing into things just for the sake of not being 1-upped by Nintendo.