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E3 Megaton Announcement #1: Konami & Kojima Productions Reveal MGS HD Collection and Zone of the Enders HD Collection

Today has been rather interesting for a few reasons, the biggest of which is how the Konami pre-E3 press conference turned out to be a bit of a bust.  Instead of dishing out a live press conference filled with a bunch of snafus and Japanese developers totally going ape shit crazy on stage, Konami opted to go with a pre-recorded presentation featuring segments dedicated to specific games like MGS 3: 3DS Edition and Never Dead.  The event, which has some cool moments (Silent Hill: Downpour and Never Dead may actually be good) but the biggest reveal belongs to none other than Hideo Kojima.

Based on a few Tweets made by Kojima, it appeared that he was in low spirits for some odd reason with gamer speculation pointing towards a project being canned or downsized, both of which are still completely unfounded as of now. But in an interview with former game journo Mark McDonald, Kojima seemed like he was in good spirits, perhaps because he announced two projects that gamers really wanted: a HD collection of several Metal Gear Solid games and a return of Zone of the Enders franchise.

Coming to both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will be the MGS HD Collection and the Zone of the Enders HD Collection. Both games will feature complete HD visuals, enhanced interface designs and of course Trophy and Achievement support.  The MGS HD Collection may not give gamers everything they want as it will comprise of MGS 2: Sons of Liberty, MGS 3: Snake Eater and MGS: Peace Walker.

Neither of the HD Collections will feature new game modes or console specific exclusive content, but the PS3 version of the MGS HD Collection will support Hideo Kojima’s new Transfarring system. No, I haven’t made yet another blunder of a typo due to depression and sheer exhaustion as that’s the final and legit name of Kojima’s new creation.  The Transfarring feature is rather simple as it will allow gamers to share the save file between PS3 and PSP games, the first of which will be MGS: Peace Walker.  With Peace Walker making its debut on the PS3, gamers can opt to continue the adventure on the PSP.  It may be a small feature, but Kojima has big plans for the Transfarring system as he hopes to eventually include Transfarring capability amongst PS3, PS2, PSP, and NGP games.

Gamers thankfully won’t have to wait too long for the MGS HD Collection as the game will be available on the PS3 and Xbox 360 this November. I know that having another major game be given a November release date may be a bit too much for our wallets, but I’m sure we’ll all be able to make the appropriate sacrifices in order to play some classic MGS games in HD.

The ZOE HD Collection on the otherhand simply has a release date of 2012, but the mere fact that Konami is acknowledging the ZOE franchise once more bodes well for its future.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say that ZOE3 is a sure thing, but if gamers buy the ZOE HD Collection I’m sure Konami may be more open to giving us more mech based action. So if you really want to see ZOE3 happen then tell everyone you know to buy a copy of the game once it drops next year.

Kojima may have stayed quiet on his next game, more on that later, but I do think that receiving a MGS HD Collection and a ZOE HD Collection is a pretty huge deal.  All of the games in the HD Collections may have some issues, but they’re all classics and having Kojima and his team add a new level of polish to them for the HD consoles ought to make the experience completely fresh and memorable once more, even if this is the 10th time we’re trudging through a forest to fight The End or engaging in an intense Orbital Frame battle to protect a space colony.

Oh btw, there's also a Silent Hill HD Collection in the works too but more on that later.