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Duke Nukem Forever finally gets a release date (END OF THE WORLD CONFIRMED!)

After being the butt of jokes for nearly a decade, Duke Nukem will finally reclaim his crown as the go-to game for over-the-top action and cheesy one-liners as Duke Nukem Forever will finally be available to gamers in May.  Speaking to Game Informer, Gearbox Software’s Randy Pitchford confirmed the North American release date of May 3rd, 2011 as when we will see Duke make his long awaited return to the world of gaming.

It’s just surreal that DNF is finally coming out since its literally been a decade since the game was shown back in the day at E3.  The development cycle of Duke Nukem Forever was one that has been plagued by issues, mismanagement and a sudden change in developers, but it looks like things are finally on track since we’re getting a god damn Duke Nukem game in the next four months.

Duke Nukem fans outside of North America won’t have to wait long for Duke’s latest adventure as DNF will be available in markets worldwide on May 6th.  Knowing 2K and the popularity of Duke Nukem, I hope that we get a rather kick-ass DNF Collector’s Edition of some sort. Give me a Duke figure, some other stuff and a three-hour long documentary on the development of the game and I’ll be a happy ass gamer.

And in case if you think all of this is a ruse and Duke Nukem Forever is still the video game equivalent of the Big Foot creature, then read our hands-on report of Duke Nukem Forever from PAX Prime last year.