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Dragon's Lair set to bring some old-school action to the PSN

Back in July, gamers who were older than 25 got a special treat of sorts with the announcement of the Dragon’s Lair Trilogy for the Wii.  For the kiddies out there, Dragon’s Lair was a popular adventure game (essentially a giant QTE game) that was a hit in the 1980s particularly because it featured some beautiful animation and simple gameplay.  Featuring both Dragon’s Lair games and the sci-fi based Space Ace, the Dragon’s Lair Trilogy was shaping up to be a cool throwback except it was for the Wii – that is until now.

Revealed yesterday on the PS Store of all places, Dragon’s Lair is set for a PSN release for non-Wii owners to enjoy. But there is a catch though as it appears only the first Dragon’s Lair game will be released on the PSN store and not the complete DA Trilogy.  It’s unknown if publisher Digital Leisure will release the Dragon’s Age 2 and Space Ace but it’s probably likely unless the first game bombs from a sales angle.

Price and release details on the PSN version of Dragon’s Lair are still TBA but I just hope the game isn’t more than $5.  For as much fun as Dragon’s Lair is, the game doesn’t boast a lot of replayability once you’ve nailed down the proper routes.  Though, there could be some added depth to things since the Dragon’s Lair PSN will include Trophies. Yay for Trophy whores I guess.


[via the PSNStores]