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Dj Hero Website Goes Live

Well I'm pretty much keeping my hopes down for the Dj rhythm games  that are about to drop. We just did a story about Scratch: The Ultimate Dj made by 7 Studios and my initial impressions were less then impressed. All right i'll say it the new game trailer sucked and my Dj soul died a little.

Today Activision launched their teaser site for Dj Hero which is named ever so creatively after the franchises big guns, Guitar Hero. The site is really just a teaser website and doesn't even show a logo or make a reference of what kind of music the game will cover.

The one glimmer of hope that this game will not suck is that the turntables and mixer shown on the site are old school classics. It looks like a classic Tech 1200 setup. This is good. Having Dj Hero's turntables look like Technics 1200's is as important as Guitar Hero's guitar controllers looking like the classic Gibson model.

If you're interested, I would suggest turning down your speakers to avoid the obnoxious sound effects and checking out you can enter your information to stay up to date with the game, or you can just keep checking in with Shogun Gamer. As a scratch Dj I am personally interested in these Dj Rhythm games and I'll be keeping you all updated.