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DJ Hero sales may not be the hot fire we expected

I usually don’t like to look into what industry analysts have to say since most of the time they’re talking out of their ass. But I couldn’t help but slightly interested in what analyst Doug Creutz had to say about the sales of Activision’s DJ Hero. 

According to Creutz demand for the game is “well below” expectations based on a survey taken with online retailers.  Creutz goes on to say that the game could only sell 600,000 units in Q4 which is a nice amount but is a far from previous estimates that had the game at 1.6m units.

The game does have a nice amount of buzz going for it but the major source for the lack of pre-orders lies in the high price for the game.  DJ Hero could become a successful brand for Acitvision when the inevitable sequel is released but I’m really interested to see how the sales affect the game and Activision’s business model with their music games. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick would be foolish to drop the series after one game that had “poor sales” in his eyes but perhaps he’ll be wise and drop the price of the game since $120 is a major barrier of entry for some.